An early Alpha version of Oasis Racer. The first tutorial level is complete. Race to find the oasis before you die of dehydration.

This is the first game I've attempted to make and was created for MyFirstGameJam Summer 2018

There are two known issues with the Alpha Version:

  • The menu buttons are blurry (not sure what happened, will fix later)
  • The first level oasis acts as a transporter back to the beginning of the level if you jump while inside it. (bug, will fix later)


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The game art direction is great. I like the ambience sounds/music too.

I think the camera is too sensitive. Just turning your character makes the camera change. I think you could make it re-align only when you move your character (as in Super Mario World).

Nice work! I hope you finish the game!

Thanks for the feedback and for trying the game. I took a break on it for a bit, but started working on it again this week. I've finished the third level, and am starting on Level 4 next.

I'll take a look and see about switching the camera motion to be on movement rather than facing, and see if it feels better. To a degree I think backing the camera up some might help with the issue as well. I think the camera might be too close to the player.

Thanks again!

Wow! This game is super cool and I can't wait to see more :D I like the atmosphere of the game and the smooth movements! Really good job! :D

Thanks Leiahuang!

I'm going to start working on the levels this week.

aaah I've always wanted to play this game while I was reading  your devlog. The controls are smooth, love the music of the end level. 

The gain for the game over is music is a little bit too loud (like 1db, max 2 for me).

The music and animations are great, especially the effect of dying from dehydration.

I have some weird "clipping", I don't know how to calling that. When I move forward some black lines appears and desappears. Maybe it's my computer.

The oasis in a second level also teleport the player to the tutoriel level when you jump while you're in it.

Did I say that my god, I love the main theme!! 

Really looking forward to test the next version. The game is cool.

Thanks for taking a look and for the feedback, Jatsu! I appreciate you taking the time to do that. I've added the bugs/issues you mentioned to the Trello board for when I get back from travel next week.

One quick thing, if you revisit this thread. Are the black lines/clipping you mention appearing in the sand? I think I remember watching a video about what might cause an issue like that. I'll check it out.

I think the oases transport issue is a mixup with something I did with the prefab. It should be a quick fix. Thanks for letting me know.

I'll adjust the game over music volume too.

Yep the black lines are in the sand. The first one is just before the text line "it's hot...", the second one between the the word "obstacles" and the rock on the ground, the third one after the first platform, the fourth one after the text "some things in the desert.." between the two last cactus. The fifth is align with the end of the mini  "moutain" of sand with a rock on it. The last one is before the three cactus section, but not like close, a little bit before. The last one is under the word "whew".

I did a screenshot for one of the line:

And that's it, everything else looks fine to me. 

Thanks, that's very helpful! I'll take a look at it next week when I get back from being on the road. I remember watching a video tutorial that talked about that sort of an issue, so I have an idea what I might need to do to fix it. The screenshot helps a ton.

This is quite fun! I can't wait to see what the other level's bring to the game.

Thanks StabbyJoe!

This is really creative and cool for a first attempt at a game! Really well done


Thanks much for the kind words!